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Vinebrook Technology was founded with a simple mission: Provide the absolute best IT services and solutions to our clients with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our Story

After working in the IT industry for a combined 40+ years, Vinebrook Technology was founded by two partners on the idea that current IT solutions providers were not keeping pace with modern business needs. We’ve been on both sides of the aisle building and running customer facing systems. We’ve been on pager rotations and escalations. We know what it’s like to work weekends to resolve issues, deploy updates and maintain systems. The problem you’re experiencing or solution you need implemented is likely something that we’ve already done. We have extensive experience helping companies ranging from startups to enterprise organizations. We’re not just sales. We truly want to be an extension of your organization.

Chris Tedesco – Co-Founder, Managing Partner


A problem solver at heart and 20+ year IT veteran, Chris continues to focus on solving business challenges and building strong relationships with his colleagues and customers.


Chris started his career during the .com boom and has lived through the progression from legacy data centers, to colocations and SaaS, and most recently cloud.  Chris spent much of his career managing data center infrastructure and operations in the Healthcare software industry before moving into the Solutions Provider world.  Over the next few years, Chris built a successful Managed Service practice and also served as VP of Operations for a prominent IT partner in the Boston area.


As the Co-Founder of Vinebrook Technology, Chris leads Business and Technical Operations.  Chris has been certified in ITIL, Cisco, Microsoft, and various partner specialties over the years.  Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC) from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Dan DiTucci – Co-Founder, Managing Partner


With over 20 years of IT experience, Dan DiTucci has worked to stay on the forefront of technology as Systems Engineer and Solutions Professional.


After spending the majority of his career in Data Center Hosting Operations, Dan moved from the “customer side” to join ConRes as a Sales Engineer focused on storage technology.  Later, Dan took on the role of Chief Architect for the Cloud Practice where he built a team focused on public cloud services and automation.


As the Co-Founder of Vinebrook Technology, leads Sales and Business Development.  Dan has been certified in AWS, ITIL, Cisco, Microsoft, and various partner specialties over the years.  Dan holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Salem State University.

Dan Crossett – Director of Managed Services

Dan has been working in IT for over 15 years. Dan is a detail oriented professional with extensive knowledge in IT Operations. Having worked for various Managed Service Providers, Dan understands what is important to our customers and ensures we deliver on our word.


Dan started out in a call center and worked himself through many areas of the industry. Dan has worked as a System Administrator, System Engineer, Project Manager, Team Lead, Solutions Architect, Senior Manager, and now Director. Dan's experience in IT operations and customer support provides the necessary skills to deliver top tier service to our clients.


As the Director of Managed services, Dan is responsible for delivering the services to our customers. He ensures the team has the necessary skills and is prepared to work on customer needs. Dan has a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, and Associate degrees in networking and telecommunications. Dan is also a Certified Associate Solutions Architect for AWS.

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