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Access More Data at a Lower Cost, Faster With Hitachi 

Hitachi Content Software for File: High Performance Storage for AI and ML

1. Problem

While graphics processing units have shrunk compute infrastructure by 40%, the data they process has grown by 50%. Investments in compute resources and networks often sit idle, waiting for data. Response time skyrocket, but adding more compute is ineffective as legacy storage can't scale while maintaining high performance.


Life Sciences

2. Solution

Hitachi Content Software for File: a high performance storage solution for AI, ML, analytics and other GPU accelerated workloads. It gives you the speed of a distributed files system with the capacity and cloud capabilities of an object store. 

This unique integration of file and object storage creates a single pool of capacity with independent scale of compute and storage capacity with intelligence metadata-based data management automation to move data between on-premise and public cloud storage for cost, compliance and business continuity purposes.

Financial Services

Data growth is overwhelming. With data doubling every 7 months, we're looking at roughly 40 exabytes by 2025, which will put massive strain on research budgets. Hitachi Content Software for File brings highly efficient, low cost storage with hybrid cloud capabilities to keep the cost of storage to a minimum while keeping it readily accessible.

Roughly 90% of all public market trading is done by quantitative means, but humans can only handle about 10 technical indicators across small datasets. With AI/ML supported by Hitachi Content Software for File , you can process hundreds of technical indicators across datasets that are thousands of times larger.

Scale: Keep more data at a lower cost

3. Result

Blazing Speed:

  • 3X faster than local flash drives. Fully saturates compute resources for great efficiency

Massive Capacity

  • Effortlessly presents PB data sets 

  • Seamlessly handles large and small files

Lower cost

  • Integrated object data lake with seamless movement of data 

  • Full elasticity with public cloud

Performance: Faster, more accurate data analysis


Hitachi & Vinebrook

Vinebrook Technology

Protection and Governance: Ensure your data is safe and secure

Managing and protecting data at this scale is a nightmare. It is too big for traditional backup but still needs to be secure, properly retained and protected. Hitachi Content Software for File brings built-in data protection, disaster recovery, and automated data governance features.

Data Classification and Governance: Better understand how data is classified for the purposes of safeguarding it

The banking and finance industries are among the most regulated environments in the world. The more silos of information you maintain, the harder it is to ensure proper governance as regulators change and produce the right data when the auditors show up. The object store in Hitachi Content Software for File is one of the best archiving and compliance solutions on the market.

The best of object and file delivered through a single vendor with a single point of contact for support.


















All from a trusted vendor so you can jumpstart or accelerate your artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and other GPU accelerated workflow projects.

  • High performance , POSIX compliant distributed file system

  • Scalable, flexible, intelligently automated object storage

  • Integrated appliance-like experience for ease of deployment and management

  • One point of contact for straightforward support


One Solution for Diverse Data: Avoid silos of infrastructure so you can better leverage research budgets

Multiple, highly specialized tools for genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bio imaging, neuro research and more mean supporting a wide range of data profiles. Some create and delete thousands of small files. Others spend 80% of their file activity on just a few files. Hitachi Content Software for File can support diverse data types, access patterns and applications.

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One Solution for Diverse Data: Leverage data such as text, voice, and system logs, among others

Structured data is great and provides lots of insights. However, 80% - 90% of your data is semi-structured or unstructured data. That's a lot of value that isn't being realized. With Hitachi Content Software for File, these datasets can be tapped to improve the results of your analyses.

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