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The average cost of a data breach is $204 per lost record, with more than half of such costs attributable to lost customers and the associated public relations expenses to rebuild an organization's reputation.

Does Your Organization Have These Risk Controls in Place?

Do you have a firewall? How often do you review the rules within the firewall? When was the last time a rule was removed / deactivated?

Does your IT department adhere to a software update process, including software patches and anti-virus software definition upgrades?

Do you perform virus scans of emails, downloads, and portable devices?

Do you restrict access to sensitive client, customer, employee or other third party information?

Do you have a process for managing user accounts, including the timely revocation of access for terminated employees and the removal of outdated accounts?

Do you have role-based controls or other procedures that address user access to critical and sensitive computer systems , applications, or records?

Do you have a written business continuity/disaster recovery plan that includes procedures to be followed in the event of a disruptive computer or network incident?

Do you have a designated individual or group responsible for information security and compliance operations? 

Let's Discuss

Were any of your answers above a "NO"? If so, Vinebrook can help your organization obtain the most complete cyber insurance policy if you don't already have one in place.


If you already have a cyber insurance we can help reduce the cost of your premium. 

Reach out and let us know how we can help leverage our partnership with Cisco to safeguard you digital assets while simultaneously reducing your costs. 

Thanks for submitting!

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